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I’ve been editing, collaborating, writing and ghost writing for decades. As a best selling author, I have worked with royalty, news anchors, rock and rollers, wounded warriors, motivational speakers, gold medal winners, and award winning musicians.

Whether I’m coaching a client, teaching a writing seminar, editing a manuscript, or dreaming up a novel, I search for the humor and pathos in everything, do my best to spin it into gold, and place it on the printed page. My work brings me satisfaction, challenges, and a lot of laughs. I've  finished my book, Memoirs of a Ghost. Check out my great review on Kirkus.

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Memoirs of a Ghost

One Sheet Away

To be a ghostwriter means to work unseen—to hide in the shadows while others claim your words as their own. When a book is finished, you are a phantasm—a waft of literary smoke that dissolves into the ethers. I've lent my ghostwriting services to celebrities in every walk of life, including rock stars and movie stars, news anchors and divas, award-winning athletes and motivational speakers. Now, I'm telling my own story. Learn More

  • "A poignant illumination of our shared humanity. Bravo."
    – Grace Slick, lead singer Jefferson Airplane

  • "Her story both enriches and inspires."
    – Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Teacher, Lecturer, #1 Best Selling Author

  • "Above all I am deeply moved by Andrea's honesty."
    – Oscar winner, Olympia Dukakis

  • "It's all here: touching, enraged, lonely, courageous, and loving."
    – John Densmore, Drummer, The Doors

  • "Memoirs of a Ghost reveals Andrea Cagan as a writer of gift and style, of revelation and insight."
    – Lynda Obst, award winning producer, & best selling author 

  • "An honest, balanced reflection. Cagan wonders if she's 'done enough' to pen an interesting memoir. She has."
    – Kirkus

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Writing from the Soul: 5-Week Classes with Andrea Cagan

Andrea Cagan - Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Writing from the Soul: 5-Week Classes with Andrea Cagan

Do you want to write your story but you don't know how to begin?

Please join me at for a five week course in the Agape University Summer Series.

The class will help you organize your thoughts as you search your soul to find the stories within you that you feel compelled to tell. In an encouraging and spiritual atmosphere, find your unique voice, tame your inner critic, and express your authentic self on the page. 

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