Goodreads Review

One Sheet Away

Cagan, Andrea
CreateSpace (286 pp.)
$16.95 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-5053-1962-0; June 25, 2015


Everybody has a story, sure. Some need to stay hushed up, some are too yawn-inspiring to relate, and have someone like Andrea Cagan. Your eyebrows will be raised, you'll laugh and smirk and the reader will most definitely find her story relateable. Your heart will be touched with her honesty.

Unique, talented, and intelligent, the author has lead a life that most can only imagine. From being a ballerina to becoming a ghost writer ...the people, the places, the times are … wow! But don't get me wrong, she isn't bragging or name dropping by any means, Cagan just tells it like it is, and was. She opens up about some really personal issues, just dug in deep and shared with us the spiritual and emotional journey of her life. Well, so far anyway, the rest is waiting to be told!