SF Chronicle Bestseller

Somebody to Love

A Rock-and-Roll Memoir

by Grace Slick with Andrea Cagan

She was the original “great rock diva”, the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane who stood at the forefront of the sixties and seventies counterculture and belted out classics like “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love”. Now, in her own inimitable voice, Grace Slick offers a revealing self-portrait of the complex woman behind the rock-outlaw image, and delivers a behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred view of rock’s grandest stages. Wildly funny, candid, and evocative, SOMEBODY TO LOVE? tells what it was really like during, and after, the Summer of Love — and how one remarkable woman survived it all.


…{Grace Slick} has the same tough-girl stance as always, striding unsmiling through the center if the room, wielding a black Guess bag. she seems to make a point of carrying it so the word “Guess” faces out.

{she is here} to promote her autobiography “Somebody to Love? A Rock and Rolk Memoir” with Andrea Cagan (Warner Books). Retired from performing since 1989, Ms. Slick feels free to spill some beans about the seamier side of peace, love and pharmaceuticals.

New York Times, Alex Witchell, October 19, 1998

. . . {Grace} has lived to tell the story in a casual and often hilarious autobiography, Somebody to Love? . . . Written with Slick’s friend, Andrea Cagan, the book is a conversational, languidly outrageous document of one of the best and worst times in American history. It’s also a compendium of backstage gossip and loopy psychedelic philosophy. Slick will say anything, and does.

San Francisco Examiner, Neva Chonin, Sept. 6, 1998