Make Up Your Life

Every Woman’s Guide to the Power of Make Up

by Victoria Jackson with Andrea CaganWith her timeless advice, Victoria Jackson demonstrates the real power of makeup: when you look better, you feel better. Make Up Your Life is not simply a how-to book. Instead it reveals what Victoria took a lifetime to learn: why makeup makes a difference in our lives, why we feel better when we wear it, and why being comfortable with the way we look ultimately frees us to celebrate who we are.

For more than a decade as makeup artist to some of the world’s most gorgeous women, including Jacqueline Bisset, Brooke Shields, Rene Russo, Kate Capshaw, and Kathleen Turner, Victoria Jackson has seen how using makeup has the power to help you build confidence. When you accept that your natural features are already appealing, you can feel comfortable with or without cosmetics and learn to look like yourself, only better. In this inspirational and practical book, Victoria presents dramatic before and after examples, offers tips on how to use makeup to build on what you like about your face and play down what you don’t, and explains how to achieve the look you want in only two, five, or ten minutes.