Memoirs of a Ghost

One Sheet Away

by Andrea Cagan
To be a ghostwriter means to work unseen—to hide in the shadows while others claim your words as their own. When a book is finished, you are a phantasm—a waft of literary smoke that dissolves into the ethers. I have lent my ghostwriting services to celebrities in every walk of life, including rock stars and movie stars, news anchors and divas, award-winning athletes and motivational speakers. Now, I’m telling my own story.

MEMOIRS OF A GHOST exposes readers to the secretive, fascinating world of ghostwriting, intertwined with my own extraordinary life experiences throughout significant historical eras.  A professional ballerina, author, researcher and world traveler, I’ve had a life every bit as amazing as that of my most interesting client. My work has resulted in multiple best sellers over the years.


“An honest, balanced reflection. Intriguing.Cagan wonders whether she’s ‘done enough’ to pen an interesting memoir. Simply put: she has.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Everybody has a story, sure. Some need to stay hushed up, some are too yawn-inspiring to relate, and then…you have someone like Andrea Cagan. Your eyebrows will be raised, you’ll laugh and smirk and the reader will most definitely find her story relateable. Your heart will be touched with her honesty.”

— Goodreads

“…An extraordinary memoir by an extraordinary writer, “Memoirs of a Ghost” is a compelling and informative read that is both absorbing and entertaining from beginning to end.”

— Midwest Book Review


“As I read this, I felt so close to Andrea’s people, I almost thought they were my relatives, my stories. A poignant illumination of our shared humanity. Bravo.”

— Grace Slick, lead singer Jefferson Airplane

“Andrea Cagan is a woman who has not only lived, but lived passionately and authentically. Her story both enriches and inspires.”

— Marianne Williamson, #1 best selling author

“Above all I am deeply moved by Andrea’s honesty. Her intentions on finding, resolving, and acknowledging the truth of herself are so movingly written and so compelling in its revelations – a template for silenced women.”

— Oscar winner, Olympia Dukakis

“Andrea Cagan has written a book that encompasses the entire range of female emotions. It’s all here: touching, enraged, lonely, courageous, and loving. She goes off on tangents which are extremely heartfelt… follow her. The beauty is in her complex complications… drink it up! She writes ‘just like a woman… yes she does.'”

— John Densmore, Drummer, The Doors

“Memoirs of a Ghost reveals Andrea Cagan as a writer of gift and style, of revelation and insight. She travels from ghost writer to soul searcher, all with the touch of a wise seer.”

— Lynda Obst, award winning producer, & best selling author