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Peace Is Possible

The Life and Message of Prem Rawat

by Andrea Cagan

Peace Is Possible is the first full and complete story of Prem Rawat. It documents his extraordinary life, from growing up with a father who was a revered master, to the day he first addressed audiences at age three, to being discovered by hippies at his home by the Himalayan foothills when he was a child, to his dramatic arrival in the West at thirteen, to today. When Prem Rawat was six years old, his father and beloved teacher showed him a special gift, a practical means to discover a world of peace within him. When he was eight, his father passed away, and he accepted the responsibility of spreading the message of peace. He attended school during the week and addressed audiences in the tens of thousands on weekends. He has spent the last forty years inspiring millions of people from all walks of life and offering this same gift to people. Controversy has not eluded him: he was only eight when the Indian media wrote that he was a sixty-year-old posing as a child. Few journalists have gone beyond stereotypes and taken the time to get a real sense of what he offers. While his message is translated into more than seventy languages, it remains a little-known secret, spread mostly through word of mouth. This book lifts the veil on Prem Rawat–the man, his life, his message.


“Cagan writes with positive affection, and in my opinion, does an excellent job of conveying Rawat’s deeper message – that true contentment and joy in life are to be found within the heart.”

— EB Monte

“Prem Rawat is incredible, and Andrea Cagan weaves together stories about him gathered over 40 years in a masterful way to make a truly touching biography.”

— Greg Curtis Flynn

“Well done Andrea for taking on this book.”

— M. Daily

“First, let me say that this is Cagan’s best book ever. She has finally found a topic that has enough breadth for her prodigious writing skills. The book gives the word “biography” a new value. Its fast paced, interesting, alive, the writing is very cinematic, and the reader is touched. I could not put this book down, last night, and had to keep reading and I intend to read it several times more.

At the risk of repeating myself, Cagan did a fabulous job, she has become a master biography writer.

— Peter Howard, poet