I’m not in the habit of writing political blogs but how can anyone overlook what’s going on during this election cycle of 2016? From hideously coifed reality stars to religious fanatics, from failed CEOs to dynasty members, from climate change deniers to the emergence of a new term called “democratic socialist, from racist hypocrites to immigrant haters, have we ever seen anything like it? It sounds more like a three ring circus than a slate of would-be presidents.

I am mourning the last year of Obama’s presidency. I know many criticize him for what he couldn’t accomplish, but I challenge anyone who thinks that any dark-skinned man had the ability sway a white, racist congress to compromise their stubborn, unrealistic, unfounded “ideals.” I feel like I’m losing a warrior of the people as the uneducated, selfish, narcissistic radical hordes are champing at the bit to sit in the oval office and take on the title, “the most powerful leader in the world.” To what end? So they can get richer and more powerful?

Where are the statespeople from the past who aspired to make our country better, to defend the weak and the poor, to help the sick and the unfortunate? What happened to the real ideals that used to define America? When did it start requiring a billion dollars to make a run for a job that at least half the country will despise before he or she even takes office?

I’m watching and waiting to see what happens but I hope that the misery we are experiencing will not discourage voters from doing their duty. One look at what Suffragettes went through should make any woman ashamed not to stand on the shoulders of the women who paved the way. How can we ignore they way they suffered so we could cast our votes as fellow Americans. How can men who like to complain and make fun of whomever is in office do so when they haven’t participated in the process? We all need each other right now, and we need to remember what an election is for and why our constitution was written in the first place. And we need to vote or our democracy will become obsolete and so will the people who can actually make a difference.