It’s 2018 and most of our electronic home and entertainment devises are SMART. At least that’s what they’re called. Smart phones, Smart TVs, Smart doorbells, Smart cars that drive themselves. And they’re getting Smarter all the time. We stand in long lines for hours to purchase these devices, we spend a lot of time watching videos online about the latest and greatest Smart devises that will surely change our lives, and we wait impatiently for twenty-four hours for our Smart Amazon Prime purchases to arrive.

So as we get older, why aren’t we Smart enough to take care of ourselves the way we do our electronic toys? I recently found a doctor, a general practitioner, after not having one for years. On my way to see him, I realized that I am more diligent about servicing my car and my television than my body. Does that make me Smart about electronics and Stupid about my own self-care?

I see it all over the place, the reluctance to do the right thing for one’s health with a world of stupid reasons: I’m dehydrated but I can’t stand drinking water. I have time to sit on Facebook for hours but I don’t have time to work out. I have osteoporosis but doing weight bearing exercises bores me. I have a sprained ankle but I can’t sit still long enough to ice it.

It’s our choice whether we view ourselves as the most important thing or whether we run around crazy with no focus or common sense. I would like to suggest that we engage in Smart aging with as much enthusiasm as we play games on our Smart phones. I remember growing up with great aunts saying to me, “At least you have your health.” I waved it away when I was a kid. I got tired of hearing it and I was sure I would always be healthy and strong. The stupidest thing I ever believed was that I was invincible and aging would happen to someone else. Now that I’m facing reality, I’d rather be Smarter than my gadgets. How about you?