When I met my current trainer, I hadn’t been working out as much as usual. With my background in the ballet, I don’t do well when I get stagnant but I couldn’t seem to zone in on any type of exercise that made me want to come back for more. I was seeing a man back then who invited me to his workout session with a wonderful man named Orlando. It didn’t take me long to realize how educated and skilled he was with anything pertaining to the human body. I knew right then and there that I would continue working out with him as long as I could. I can’t say the same for the jerk who introduced us, but I have him to thank for the introduction to my next trainer.

I haven’t had much luck with men in my life. I’ve tried but I seem to have no compass when it comes to dating. I was married twice and had a number of lengthy relationships but none of them stuck. A friend told me, “It looks like your picker’s broke.” But when it comes to training, I magnetize wonderful people. I trained with Johnny G, the creator of Spinning for several years until he moved to another city. And then I met Orlando.

Among all the wonderful things that he has taught me, he said something that imprinted on my mind. “I have a martial arts teacher who’s 80 and believe it or not, he keeps getting stronger.” I was stunned. How could that be? All I ever heard was that when you reach your sixties and seventies, you have to slow down and be careful. But Orlando was saying something different. He wasn’t suggesting I hide my age and slow down my training. Quite the opposite. He encouraged me to work hard and be proud of my age, as he taught me ways to make sure I didn’t hurt myself, both at the gym and in daily life. He said, “You can do anything if you tell your mind that you can. It all starts with the mind and then it moves into the body. If you can keep your body in alignment, you won’t hurt yourself.”

I listened, did what he suggested, and sure enough, I started getting stronger, building muscle where I never had it before. My upper body and my neck had been my weakest areas, but today, as I see him three times a week, my neck is straight, my arms are strong and I can hang from a rope and swing. And I’m pain free. I’m not bragging. Anyone can do it if they believe they can. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to being strong and fit. I learned that if keep my body moving, check the negative and fear ridden thoughts of aging and get consistent with my workouts, I would never be too old to train. I take inspiration from my dear friend, Beverly who is in her eighties and works out with me. If she can do it, so can I and so can you. You just have to make sure you keep moving and use your head so it doesn’t use you.