It’s a musty time in the city, the country and all over the world. The air seems clogged up and stuffy, like there isn’t enough oxygen to go around. There’s just so much going on that feels stuck, scary and next to impossible to maneuver. For starters, there’s the ongoing political hot mess that hovers like a black cloud. Polling places have shifted, we feel confused, there isn’t a clear path to change for those of us who are appalled by the current trends and the idea of things staying the same is unacceptable. The art of debate is virtually gone and terrible clashes have taken its place as we stop talking to anyone who doesn’t agree with us.

Then there’s the virus that is terrorizing us all. It’s hard to know if the media is informing us with the hard truth or creating unnecessary chaos. Maybe it’s some of both. Should we go hide or should we boldly show up and combat fear with action? Will it be enough? Finally, there are our individual obstacles to overcome that we face day to day, difficult things that happen in the course of life in our work, our finances, our friendships, our relationships. It’s one of those times when getting through a day is fraught with effort and fear. So how do we clear the air and start breathing freely again.

When life feels this chaotic, I try to simplify my thoughts and ask myself some basic questions. What would make me feel good right now? Where can I find beauty? Where can I create beauty? Who do I love? Have I let them know lately? Who loves me? How am I using my words to make myself and other people feel better? How do I move through the day with kindness and compassion?

While expressing gratitude can transform negativity, sometimes being grateful feels too difficult and I need something even more basic. I turn my attention to a magnificent selenite crystal tower lit up from the inside, a gift that sits on my desk from one of my closest friends. I think about the people who mean the most to me and figure out a way to let them know how much I love them. I write something like this blog that makes me feel closer to my community. I take a conscious moment to feel the love that people have for me. I remind myself that nothing remains that same and other things will appear. And I try to remember that fear begets more fear so finding another way to look at life can help me transform it.

We are never alone and we are always alone. How’s that for a mixed message? Aloneness is inevitable but loneliness has an antidote. We can reach out, reach in, and reach all around to connect with other people and find healing for our hearts. As one of my favorite healers has said over and over, The life we are living is the healing we took birth for. We might as well get on with it.

How do you clear the air when you feel stuck and afraid?